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Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver quality, comfort and unforgettable memories with attention to every detail. Because we believe that there is magic in every little thing, ready to inspire smiles and warmth.

- Bushy Handmade CEO

Best seller

"Симпатични Зайченца" - Bushy Handmade
woman-deftly-knits-white-yarn - Bushy Handmade

Work process

  • At Bushy Handmade, we place great importance on our work process to deliver you products of the highest quality.
  • From the selection of materials to the careful hand-crafting, every single product goes through strict quality controls to provide the best to our customers.

Quality of materials

  • At Bushy Handmade we pride ourselves on using high quality materials that have been selected with care.
  • We believe that the quality of materials is essential to the durability and aesthetics of our products.
  • We combine the best textile and other materials that guarantee comfort, strength and beauty in equal measure.